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My name is Beth and I have been in the grooming industry since 1999. I was trained in the Professional Program at the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Arlington Heights, IL.

I recently moved into the Hanover Park area and have opened a small home based grooming salon serving Schaumburg IL, Hanover Park IL, Roselle IL, Bartlet IL, Streamwood IL, and Surrounding area with high quality dog and cat grooming and specialized care. I am dedicated to offering your cherished pet a full service grooming and a level spa experience without spa prices.

My clientele experience a close, personal, one-on-one attention.  I understand people who refer to their pets as their kids or babies. The tranquility of the spa experience offers gentle hands, love, soft music playing in the background, hugs and kisses, belly rubs, ear scratching, support and praises. To add more of a soothing touch for some of our anxious friends we have aroma therapy with oils, Rescue Remedy and lavenders spray. We have a no cages environment in a quiet home setting. We work with your pet from start to finish. We work at your pets pace (cat, dog, puppy, kitten, bunny and ferrets).

My clientele range from geriatrics, active, fun loving, happy, shy and anxious. There is no better therapy then a dog or puppy licking your face. Or a cat or kittens purring, or licking your fingers. I find my work so rewarding that it doesn’t feel like work at all, just love expressed through the art of grooming.


A hydro surge bathing system guaranteed to give a thorough cleaning as it therapeutically gently massages and enhances the effectiveness of the shampoos. It gets deep to the skin and improves circulation from the massaging. This make sure packed feel revitalized and refreshed. We also use specialized shampoo depending on the coat and skin type of the individual pets.

We offer a Blueberry, Plum, Coconut or Raspberry Facial with a tearless shampoo.

Also available are De-Shedding shampoo and Conditioner to reduce shedding and cleaning up the hair around the house.  Ear buffer or goodies as some call it. This is to reduce the noise of the dryers and keep anxiety levels down.  We gently towel dry the face and body, then finishing up with a full brush out and hand fluffing. All breed of dogs and cats include expert bathing, cleaning of the ears and eyes. Nail clipping or dremeling, ear hair plucking, sanitary trim and paw pad trim.

My goal is to provide the very best and enjoyable service with the best products for your lovable pets skin and coat type so they will look and feel their very best.

Whether it is a breed specific trim you desire for something more unique it will be achieved with a high quality results and an enjoyable experience for your pet.


1. Please inform us of any abscesses, fleas, ticks, rashes, hot spots, moles lumps bumps, abrasion, known allergies or sensitivities.

2. Nail trimming should be done monthly or tipping the nail weekly. This reduces scratches, snagging and splitting of the nails helping your pet stay healthy and feel good. Excessive nail lengths can push and turn the toes causing splayed foot or toes and compromise movement by bending the toe back.

3. Pets should be brushed or combed every day, as we would our own hair. By brushing and combing it distributes the oils and removes the dead hair.  This keeps the tangles and mats out and we can see if skin problems or moles are developing. The brushing and curry brush massages the skin and helps improve circulation.

4. The skin and coat washing is needed every 4 to 8 weeks. Appointments are made for for individual Pats respecting your time or needs



1. If you find fleas on my dog or cat what will you do? All pets will be treated with a flea and tick natural shampoo which is safe and effective. Then I tell them about front line or advantix to put on the back of their pets neck. For a more natural approach, Pages Healthy pet store on Rand road has other choices.

2. What age do you start the grooming? When puppies or kittens have been fully vaccinated, this is usually 16 weeks. We believe this should be a positive enjoyable experience for all our Furry friends. It is very good to play, touch, spread the toes and press gentle on the paws. Look at the teeth and gums by lifting the lip. Looking in the ears and wiping them put with a cotton ball. This helps them get ready for the grooming process.

3. What are hot spots? Hot spots are warm, itchy, swollen, painful patches of skin. They can red, ooze pus and smell bad. Like so many skin problems, they develop in response to flea bites, allergies, other skin diseases, and lack of grooming. Hot spots are especially common in thick-coated dogs with dead hair trapped next to the skin. That’s why thorough brushing down to the skin is so important.